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This Game has 2 modes

1- Fun Mode – Where you Teaser your teacher by spoiling her day
2- Horror Mode – Where You have been trapped in an abandoned school and have to solve puzzle and find keys to escape the school.

Horror Mode Story-line
You are in a School corridor which fear and horror in nested.
You are feeling which fear and death pester to you in every step in Death Park.

In this scary game you will explore a huge abandoned amusement old school with Horror Escape Room. In order to escape you must complete missions / puzzles without getting caught and within allocated time.
Scary Teacher, commonly known as Miss T, school consists of multiple rooms and each room has some unsolved mystery. You have to survive yourself from the scary teacher and solve all the puzzle within time so be careful and continue to survive. You will have to play the hide and seek with the monsters in order to survive throughout the night.
Explore the dark school in this horror game: old abandoned buildings, a horrifying hospital, dark basements, mysterious mazes and creepy circus, all this scares goosebumps.

Don’t feel yourself alone there in this horror game. Scary creatures and monsters will always be searching for you. Put your all attention on solving the puzzles and escaping from the horror school.

Solve Puzzles, Search Keys, Find the Weapon to Break Door collect as many items as you can in order to understand the horror story and escape from haunted house and evil Scary Teacher.

Do not make loud noise and be careful because the real evil neighbor killer crazy teacher might see or hear you! It kills everyone who gets in its way! Keep your eyes open and use cover to hide from this deadly maniac to stay alive. Try to track it’s movements, otherwise it will find, scare and kill you!

The game play of this Scary Teacher: The Horror School Untold Escape Story is very exciting and scary nun type movie scenario. Have you watched the movie of scary nun? Have you watched seasons of horror escape, haunted school games, haunted game and best horror simulator games?

This is real adult 18+ ghost games for the people who love adventure. This is not like granny and fnaf game.

There are multiple ending scenarios in this spooky games. Your each decision will affect the ending and super scary games will end with the escape from scary monsters and from the scary school.

Creepy games features:

★ A stunning 3D Old School plot with multiple endings
★ A huge map with complete school, classrooms and washrooms to explore
★ A terrifying and crafty evil Teacher
★ Hard`1core puzzles
★ Smart and horrible frenzy Monsters with its own artificial intelligence (AI)
★ Best horror game 2023
★ Best Exploring games and survival horror
★ Intense gameplay, unexpected encounters and a nightmarish atmosphere
★ Better avoid playing this game on Friday the 13th – we won’t be able to guarantee your safety!
★ The perfect horror & thriller game: tense gameplay, a scary beast, sudden jump scare, and a chilling atmosphere in this hunted games.

Note: Headphones are recommended for playing this game

In this scary game a kid is picked up from his house during lockdown for school. And on arrival he feels something is not right. He felt the danger and tried to runaway but the school bus was already gone. And a granny teacher or scary clown catches him. When he wakes up he finds himself in the classroom.

From here user will take the charge and will be responsible from the escape from the Horror Neighborhood and from the scary monsters and creatures.

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