In this brand new MBTI game you can play 4 different Mini games to test your MBTI knowledge and earn rewards:

1. The first minigame tests your basic knowledge about the MBTI game, here you’ll answer questions aboutfunny and stereotypical sentences about MBTI types.
2. The second mini game is about celebrities! (well mostly anime chracters because they are most popular in the MBTI community) Do you know which MBTI type fits with which celebrity?
3. The third mini game is for the knowledable MBTI fanatic, it tests and enhances your knowledge about the cognitive functions.
4. The fourth mini game is a casino, here you can spend the coins you won in the multiple mini games, good luck!

Then there is a shop where you can spend your coins to buy mystery boxes and win the MBTIcomics stickers, you can put in your very own collage! good luck collecting them all 😉